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Them You and Me Digital
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As an agency...

Them You & Me Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing strategy, 1:1 digital marketing coaching, website design, content and SEO. It emphasizes strong foundations from the start, on which to build an authentic online presence, turning business objectives into digital goals. Working with both small and large businesses across various industries, worldwide, Them You & Me Digital helps its clients reimagine their online presence. Friendly digital is their heartfelt concept of using simple words to help clients understand what it means to be online, focusing on the ‘what’ before the ‘how’. They take a holistic approach towards the digital space, empowering their clients with the clarity, knowledge and skills to market their business online. The mission of Them You & Me Digital is to approach digital marketing in a nurturing and encouraging way allowing some fun in the process. They combine the use of technology for good with creativity, enthusiasm and transparency, advocating for more kindness online and self-care in the digital space.

As a coach...

Marie Nadal Sharma is also a trained Co-Active coach passionate about the personal and professional development of her clients. She supports them to align who they are – in life, at work and in the digital space, and strives to leave people better than she found them. She is adept at making her clients feel truly heard, seen, supported, and encouraged. As a people coach, she offers a kind place of listening, challenging and championing, focusing on what her clients need right now. She enables them to gain a better understanding of themselves, and an awareness of what brings them fulfillment and the change they need or want in their life. She encourages kindness, respect and empathy in all her communications and connections, allowing freedom of expression and practising acceptance for open-hearted conversations, online and offline.
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