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I established Bellite in 2018, but my love affair with fashion began in early childhood; with my mother, a trendsetter in her own right. Her style was chic, and she inspired my journey greatly.
My heart was captivated by the fashion world, which meant my head was in fashion magazines more often than not. I loved learning about the creative process of garment design, photoshoots, fashion journalism and how an entire entourage of professionals would unite to capture what I saw inside the magazines.
Today, that world is my reality through Bellite—a fashion brand inspired by my life. I was born in France, my family heritage is Portuguese, and now I live in Australia. Yet, I’m always travelling to discover new cultures, traditions and meet with incredibly talented de-signers.
Each collection is an exquisite combination of my European influences and reflects the latest trends.
My promise to you is that I’ll forever wander the globe to source gorgeous and distinctive fashion pieces made by local Portuguese, French and Balinese savoir-faire designers.
I believe clothing and accessories are avenue for women worldwide to confidently express their personality and style—that’s why it must be diverse and original.
May you find something you love and make it yours.

With Love,
  Qui sommes-nous ?
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